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50 Percent.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

50 Percent.

Gave 50% of her time to it

Qualified over others she worked with

Paid less than them

Genuinely loved her job

Sacrificed her REM.

What did she get?

Not enough for 50%.

Gave 50% of all her strength to it

Family-time became such a myth

Did all of this for them

Had heart attacked by a mob

Of emotions at the helm.

What did she get?

Not enough for 50%.

Gave 50% of herself to it

Dreams Lally-gollied, littering the street

Felt her whole life was "La ferme!"

Full feelings remained long after her sob

Beauty forever a gem

What did she get?

Not enough for 50%.

Eyes and heart and ears and mind

All say the same thing

Even if she never gets what she deserves

God and destiny and grace-in-being

All know the same thing

You're worth more than every and any percent.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



I wrote this for someone in my life who I care deeply about. She worked terribly hard and then felt overwhelmed. I saw her worth even when no one else might have and I had to let her know that. :)

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