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Updated: Jan 8, 2021



I offer much good of me

to thee.

For to know you is free,

you are all we see.

When I wake,

I stretch my hands to take

an idol with a sophisticated make,

model, a psyche-deep piercing stake.

Oh gods,

I live at your beck,

Ring, ring. An ace in the deck!

Chrome, bing, and all of man's tech.

CNN, Fox, news from a shipwreck.

Riches, riches,

as we sleep with the fishes.

Stories, stories,

to suit each man's wishes.

gods. Secret gods. Those never named so.

You call on me in crisis,

depend on me as Osiris,

I am the screen that is,

the undead that speaks.

Isolation brings me to the fore,

your gods, your trust,

your faith, your dreams

until I become the story,

the problem,

the lore,

the unwitting god.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



We give many things in our lives such importance, they could as well be gods.

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