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As it is

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


As it is

An oddity exists

that people cannot but inveigh against everything

or consider the beauty in something

or abstain from criticism

So as they chastise,

they may also seek to enveigle

or protest harshly within and without

very few people know how to just let things be

However, one must suppose

an action as radical as that

may set the world up

with a consort of hurt and disaster

Therefore it makes sense

that everything is as it is

for it serves good and brings bad

we cannot be rid of anything for that

This is as most things are

still necessary for life to be

in excess ever so damaging

as cold and heat is to deciduous leaves

Decide then, we must,

who we shall be

of honor, patience, or virtue,

whether or not they say no such thing exists

Hope lives on

we must have it

even as the entire world

and our logic cries otherwise

Hence, scroll down your feed

eyes blind to toxic things

edification is what we seek

not riling up of emotions

Certainly, distractions must be out of the picture

as must be guilt shame and disgrace

then we run our race

all the way to the finish line

hoping that surely we will reach

our destiny, destinations, and destined dreams

An 'even so'

in a terribly odd world.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



I thought to write a poem to describe things as they are. Hence, "As it is".

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