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At last

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

At last

Carriages come and gondolas go

up and down then to the side again

From forever and so soon

does the tide flow above the stain

Stain of life and tears and wonderful fears

besmirch my daily day dress

What a scene it must be

when the tires roll off of the cabin’s rear!

A snap of the wire can begin my fall

a word or four can break down the walls

of a contraption in which faith was placed

without it ever giving me any verbal assurance of safety

Now aware of folly and of flaw,

Shall we then go on a ride today?


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



Life can be unpredictable. Systems we trust (the government, our cars, everything) can fail to function as they ought to. One day we're here, another we won't be. This is guaranteed. If the Covid-19 pandemic teaches us anything, it is that Life itself can fail. We are aware that everything could potentially be dangerous but we still hope the best. We still say daily, "Shall we then go on a ride today?", optimistic that the wheels will continue to turn and we continue our travails in life. This we so oft believe.

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