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I want to change my life.

I really want to change my

I can really want to change

I can and really want to

Can I bleed?

History speaks one consistent truth.

To change anything, blood must flow

mine, another’s, red must show

in hues varied like crystals-Bismuth.


Until I have bled,

Body parts flung into the sea

Habits ripped from their homes within

Each split sucking a little life from me



I healed as I’ve said

Old ensigns no longer a lee

Unbound from my great olden kin

Allegiance new, I am now truly free

free to realize the problem all along

was “I”,

amidst subtly seen selfish sins.

I now fearlessly bleed.


©2021 by Peniel.


Background Information: No change can happen anywhere unless we sacrifice something. The word sacrifice implies death, injury, or at the very least, loss. To bleed is to sacrifice life's very water. To change, I must bleed.

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As usual, you spoke to me!

Your words are always spot on!


Adeyeye Adesinaayo
Adeyeye Adesinaayo
Jun 24, 2021

Hmm.... Deep

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