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Deception of a Crowd

Deception of a Crowd

You can never truly trust

an audience.

One moment it's Hosanna,

then the next it's Crucify!


Palm leaves give way to hateful glares.

Worship gives way to judgment and bias

Affirm becomes deny

for whatever reason.

So beware their hypocrisy!!!

Fake smiles, hidden laughs, illusionary pity.

Public countenance is the worst place

to bury your worth and grace

because one day soon,

you may fall

And your audience won't do a thing to pull you up.


©2021 by Peniel.


Background Information: Recently, many celebrities, people, etc are criticized for what they believe (whether rightly or not). One moment, people are celebrating you. It never lasts long. Soon, they will accuse you of a wrong. A wrong word. A statement. A mistake. A belief. If life is based on the opinions of these, life will be a storm--the worst kind--the kind caused by men, women, people. I do not criticize the crowd, like most. It is who they are. I only warn that we cannot base life on a crowd's affirm. It often deceives.

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