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Devilish tricks (If a devil…)

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Devilish tricks (If a devil…)

Imagine all the world

was a podium.

For a second, suspend all logic

and imagine.

A magician stands

on his stage.

He waves his wand,

"Abra Cada!"*****

*Fear. Pain, Plenty-a-gain. All real. All fake.

*Disaster. Politic Dim-a-star, Miss-a-path.

*Flash-bang. Thunder and Lightning.

*Decapitation. Evil and parting perverted Blood-seas.

*Much talk, flowery words, and media-jive.

Distracts with music and lights

Eyes on the assistant: maiden with curvy lines

Vile glint in his eye

In time, he displays his most beautiful grin

Letting none see the truth.

The devil only has about

-oh-just that one trick.

Evil's stint is to open a gash-ocean

to distract from all his little death-pricks.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



A lot of big things happen in our world today. I wondered if the truly significant occurrences occur just out of sight. Much evil has probably gone unnoticed under our own noses because we pay so much attention to that which is heavily publicized.

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