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Dichotomy within

Dichotomy within

I do not dread bondage

yet I desire liberty.

There is a difference.

One binds me all the more,

the other lets me free

into a world of infinity

and divine reality.

What if we feared evil less

and loved good more?

The two are not the same,

yet it angers me so terribly that

we simply assume it is.

Loving right must mean wrong terrifies?

Hrmph. No, it must not

as cold differs from "not hot"

Despite all of this,

I would prefer not to be bound.

Yet chasing freedom is much more than this

Good is so greater than the opposite of evil

Love is grander than the absence of fear

so... What dichotomy dare face thee?


©2021 by Peniel.


Background Information:

We have an either/or mentality these days. There's a story about my namesake, the first-ever Joseph, that I really like. He was often bound, still he stood tall and free. Each time, he triumphed in dreams and life only to fall deeper than before. He was plotted against, almost murdered, imprisoned, sold, enslaved, wrongfully accused, imprisoned again, forgotten, faced with his initial oppressors who were actually his brothers, and in all, he forgave. He forgave because, for him, love could still abound in an atmosphere of hate, freedom stood strong despite his bondage, right drowned out all the wrong that suffocates. In all, he realized his focus. He focused not on the lesser creature: hate, bondage, wrong. He focused on God, love, liberty, right, all that was good. They were greater than his fear. Light does not oppose darkness. Light overcomes it. Every time.

It is simply superior.

There are few times it doesn't. Each one has one thing in common. We didn't turn it on. We ran out of fuel. A never-ending source, however, will surely solve this problem. Now, shall we allow light to shine?

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