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Updated: Jan 8, 2021



Foxes Foxes

so toxic, toxic

armed with measured brute and sweet moxy

hiding in pretty little boxes

Vines vines.

so fine, fine

link for spirit and body-of-mine

black, white and curly heav’nly lines

Food food

so crude, crude

tasked with thought, will and heart-mood

foxes eat vines because they could--could

Heart Heart

so smart, smart

friend of whim; toxic, fine, crude darts

from hidden dark foxes in a World-cart

Toxic foxes hide, eat fine vines

disguised as crude food for the smart heart

Toxic foxes hide in pretty lil’ boxes-

paper, plastic, metal, sarcastic,

imaginary, simple, terrible, ripples-

disguised as inhabitants of our world-cart

hide in obvious and secret places

shoot terrible, heĺlish darts

That’s just how toxic foxes are


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



This poem is about the sort of toxic things, deeds, and people that can poison our hearts and soul.

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