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Fragile hearts.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Fragile hearts.


jump out of a plane

transverse, frontal, and sagittal

Life appears as a free-fall

even for the gracious and underhand,

despite that they both possess

the most fragile hearts

Contrary to what some believe

humans are not only strong

people-proud, machines-meek

Shattered pieces remain on the floor

the repair-man, not out of reach?

shut the door and pop-a-Coors

dull the pain with rum-a-la-peach


free fall.

Life with splattered blood and guts, bladder and gall.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



I wrote while at University to capture the depth of the human heart. Oftentimes, I'd heard about how strong we are... We certainly can be strong, I admit, but there are times when we feel weak and shattered, I wrote this to describe this feeling. Everyone has felt this way before.

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