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Updated: Jan 8, 2021



Fraught with the challenge of success

Fraught with the meaning of progress

Fraught with discovery

We are fraught wherever we’ve been.

Caught with the ball in our paws

Caught with chains upon our laws

Caught within our own minds

We’ve been caught by the wind.

Wrought out of all our failures

Wrought with unceasing social seizures

Wrought blood and tea

We have wrought too many sins.

Sought out the flies on the wall

Sought out the opinions of a frenzied mall

Sought out hearts and universes

We have sought every nothing.

Bought with water and some bread

Bought with things so easily said

Bought with money and gold

We’re bought, our lives-not ours to win.

All fraught with fear, caught by a fisherman's hook,

Wrought by greed, pride and anger.

All have sought out the secrets, irrelevant or not,

We’ve bought of, and been besot by things, creatures and people

Into whose eyes, we’re afraid to look,

For fear we might see our lot and manner

In reflections-- as is to inspire, to know, to love, we ought,

Hearts, thoughts and lives; only alive to cause many-a-ripple.

“Know we aught?”


“Anything at all?”

The answer is and always will be


We know nothing

Of everything and null.


Tonight, I am distraught

By things most call an afterthought

And with every “not” in my life I have ever fought.


Life goes on and on, yet it seems our lot

Is to be forever fraught with the question “what?”

Taking the solution to be what we’ve all been taught,

“Anything and nothing and all.”

We say,

Fully, Finally, Frighteningly,


Even in our own homes.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



Fear is everywhere these days...

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