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Kaleidoscopic world

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Kaleidoscopic world

Blue and white, colors of the night line

the edifice of family, food, and fun,

where one calls rest, another-at her best

Their home, haven, hope

acts to nullify negative tempers

as visible tones of luminescence

bringing joy to all who observe

all the hues of such a time,

after such a moment of sadness at the wheel of a car

a solitary instant when we feel all is hopeless,

then we see the lights.

Many little stars line the edge of a home

surrounding trees and illuminating figures

that embody joy, nativity, and a wondrous time.

Yes, electric resources are used

but nature likely smiles in pain

at humanity's attempt to reproduce

her acclaimed wonders again in their homes:

Trapped in-country by virus and cold,

still one sees the northern lights indoors

rainbows in winter

the fluorescence of flowers after fall

in a row of lucid street displays

In the midst of melancholy,

I advise, take a drive, ride, walk, to and fro,

from street to street, alone or with one you love,

and try not to smile. Improbable.

Look for each household's intent in their wintery decoration

and search deep for their Christmas-sy cheer

Above all, note the patterns

large or small in each picturesque snapshot of joy,

then glimpse the larger frame of hope

expressed in each endeavor of ecstatic celebration

see every smile, every bulb placed with intention

Embrace the panorama that reflects

the light of the heavenly expressed in humanity.

If you find none, so imagine it, visualize it.

Repay the light's shine what it's worth:

a gift of wonder and love and joy

and a sacrifice of

a colorful smile

before the beauty is lost and next years embers

roar in the fire of another wonder-yearn

hopefully, your eyes still obey you then.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



December 2020 brought way more Christmas light than I'd ever seen in my life. This poem was inspired by those lights.

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