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I am fortunate

to be unfortunately saddled

with the daunting but dire duty

of the pen.

I know it has been said,

that the pen can slay sword

in magnanimous

and terrible ways.

Yet I wonder why we cannot use both.

Be doer and Writer. Spill blood and Ink.

Warring on Two Fronts.

I’ll name it, “The War of Two Fronts”.

You would have to fight on at least one to stop me.

Blade and Tip. Tongue and Cheek.

Words and Action.

In truth, both are weak

unless there is Soul that Thinks

or Hand that Wields.

So mighty or not, Pen and Sword

is no stronger than Stick

unless its motive is meek and bold, sleek and brash,

and of wisdom that all will understand

in time.

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