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The dove looks upon me

The dove looks upon me

Oh I imagine your eyes are pure.

Oh I imagine they pierce!

Oh Look what tears I shed.

I imagine as your wings take flight

as I posture with all my might

I melt simply so

captured by your dove sight.

Riches within those soft eyes,

Why do they convict me

as though they see everything?

My thoughts, my schemes,

dark and fair, shadow and bright things.

How many flagons of love

How many cauldrons

fill this endless gaze?

One? Ten?

So much I cannot say

or otherwise relay as such.

How dare you! How dare you love me so!

Why? I ask why! I need to know.

Explain yourself, oh wondrous dove!

Please. I comprehend not.

You are whom my soul loves.


©2020 by Peniel.


Background Information: I wrote this because I was inspired by a scene in the Chosen, and the beauty and wonder of actual doves. Also, the Songs of Solomon inspired a few words in this poem.

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