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Updated: Jan 8, 2021


The Page

The motive of some who succeed

is as thus:

“I know that I possess wisdom,

therefore I write it on a page”

The thing that has changed

in all of humanity’s years

is the texture of that page

The page grows older,

softer till we touch it no more

feel it much less

see it unceasingly sophisticated

while we grow wiser in some restrained measure

or perhaps the growth of some wisdom is restrained

however we see it.

First it was of cave.


detailing easy-to-understand tales

Cave moved to become stone,

stone became papyrus then soon paper,

carver, stick, stitch, and knife became pen

Wisdom could move nearly anywhere

still this did not guarantee it moved into our hearts

Paper sustained for a while, living in mills,

then portable machines became supreme

in pages visible to the whole world.

With a sense of who would see it came

much fear, or boldness; these were always there

but never to this extent

Those who knew themselves wise once

began to doubt and a simple medium

that man had always used

because it looked different now:

scared desperately

scarred dauntingly

scabbed decidedly

scolded unceasingly

stabbed terribly

and revealed deeply,

fewer wise men than should wrote;

fewer transformative speakers that could spoke;

at whim wisdom, folly, or both

could appear, disappear, be written,

but not always easily deleted;

stories vanished.

dreams-easily banished.

reputations tarnished.

pitch-forks and torches

were endlessly brandished

even by those without the boldness

to write on pages

and the people continued on


needing full pages of a hesitant man or woman’s thoughts of life

to feed their souls.

Yet, nay.

many-a-empty page

still followed humanity

to their grave.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



Pages are humanity's means of communication. If you're reading this, you're likely on a webpage. Even before it was named so, pages have always housed our wisdom and piqued our interest. Till now, they haven't let go.

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