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There Be Light

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


There Be Light

Let there be light

is a just phrase

that echoes through

all our days

In a dark room

a beautiful vase

that drives away doom

is hid from thine gaze

At night, it is all the more

difficult to navigate a maze

especially when giv'n chase

by the Bullish man-bore

Light don faze

dark forces in concert

looking to graze

a foot, a hand, a personage

Stories of age do set the stage

a case of dark vs light

by suited arc,

perspective or slight

Light doth sho' near limitless might

in tales of old,

and that anew

yet amaze again and again

then assuage that set alight

See you tha’ craze

in time for aid

Burn on and on

Feel you tha’ shame

in time for shade

Run on and on

in the words most holy

in the haze of folly

in the rolly-molly

Let there be light

a phrase that means more

thought or not

even in th’face

of one or none disgraced

On the pace-race along

away from the path all wrong

where darkness lies in wait

Pull me with those hands

strong and long

if I doth go further

into black

Hope, do I, to find light

in the hoarse of darker night

Only if nothing I felt is fully real

can I ever find’t lit again

As bats of evil

fly in the caves

where sounds do echo

through all my days

right is light

What time is it?

Noon-day and so.

Now I delight.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



Light fascinates me. I really wanted to write a poem with a lot of olden-day imagery and phrase-ry. Also, in this poem, I really talk about God and what He means to me, especially when I say "Pull me with those hands..."

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