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Updated: Mar 9, 2022


You'll see thousands of messages this IWD, each one from men, women, people, wishing all the queens they know their best. Here's mine: Hey mama. I love your smile. I see you. I see your diamonds tears drop from your wondrous eyes, so I seek to prove myself worthy of your endless sacrifice.

Hey future wifey, not sure where you're at,

but I make this vow to love and respect you,

not just the 'you' I marry, but every shade,

version, and bloom of the flower that is you. Hey female friend of mine, I'm here to listen or to talk, to try and likely fail to understand your circumstance, to smile if you need it. Or not. You are: Testament to all that is beautiful on earth Regal and royal in magnificence Awesome in so many ways. Keep being so. Numerous yet all so unique. Strong. Or weak. Even still, see the sun? It fails to hold a candle to you. Formidable and fastidious and funny and free-spirited and flawed. Out-of-this-world. Obviously, who run da world? Sane men know. Resplendent in personality. Moms. You deserve a mention, you glorious wonders. A work of magnificent art. Tuff. No fluff or wasted stuff. Enuff. Indomitable. Deserving of every good thing. Opulent in simplicity, complexity, and all between. Neverland: Home, Adventure, Both. All you are. Embrace it all. Grow, Fall, Love. As you are Lovely. Worthy of love. Worthy to give and receive love. Hey women everywhere, I may know nothing about being a woman, but from all I have seen, this is assured, You are simply Transformational. -Ayo Okikiolu

Note: This was written on March 08, 2022, International Women's Day (IWD). I wrote it because I wanted to show some appreciation to the women in my life. There's also a bonus blurb here that is not in the versions I posted on social media.

Also, thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day! :)

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1 Comment

Lisa Brock
Lisa Brock
Apr 28, 2022

Ayo this is beautiful! A joy to read that really made my day!

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