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Soul of dandelions and soil

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Soul of dandelions and soil

They're such beautiful flowers

so they must belong somewhere

Wondrous inch-long towers

never seen it once and ere

They hide with each rain shower

when it's so terribly wet

Brilliant sun in power

replies, 'Now our meeting's set!'

It is as such a surprise

that with punctual sunrise

appears seas of yellow eyes

where green places its assured bet.

Men and women till and fret

spraying, employing the mower

jealous of lawns others get

Their hour must wane lower.

Floating spores play tête-à-tête

with the soil, not soon dried dead

She recedes, your time-her debt

yet, Forget-me-so rears her head.

One can surely dare surmise

that they possess earthly ties,

strong roots, and leaves of hard lies,

some truth to render them fed.

I may work and work endless,

care for an eternity

White hairs may still float on-yes,

still for opportunity.

Dandelions and my fear

remind of faith I hold dear.

Flowers many together

so together, their burden-

stubborn, must we share each year.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



Another one that originated from gardening. We wrestled with these strong, difficult-to-pull-out dandelions on our Calgary lawn during Summer 2020. They birthed this poem as I thought about how deeply rooted some things I believe are.

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