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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

I am sat in the audience

while someone does my eulogy.

Mother? Father? Brother? Child?

I hope it is a friend.

Grand paean or minor psalm?

What is the manner of my passing and when?

Served with fans or an audience of five?

Which is better? Does it matter?

Death may be law, certain,

but I stand with the assembly

as hymns are sung, a stranger to myself.

Life abounds.

Do I feel the tears of loss

flood the service space;

Shall I inhale the joyful fragrance

of wonderful reminiscence and hope;

Can I see the unmoving expressions

of indifference;

Will I hear the cacaphonic harmony

of relief?

Whatever shall be surely will, as clichéd.

The real question is:

Would there be a panegyric after

or is today where it all ends?

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