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The world is the world.

The world is the world.

Well for some people...’s everything, every theme,

and every thought, every scheme,

beauty shades of ugly cream

this or that and what it seems

land of free that’s in their dreams

one for none but diamond rims

alone and strong on many teams

deemed, redeemed, and memed by me

torn apart too by the seams

Long ago I felt a beam

pull me up to heaven’s stream

Where is this? Now some say steam.

Where’s the love and where’s the whim?

Where’s the grace of lovely things?

What do I mean?

The world is the world.

And while we care deeply for it

As we should

The world loves but its own gain

its own story, its own name.

So be wary of shame

Uneasy, it came

The very same

For this game

can tame



I worry so much when the world is the world.

Breath moves as though the world wants it gone.

Chest pounds as cynical words run on

Life is turned upside out and downside in

And so, the world is the world.


Like it or not

This is our lot.


©2021 by Peniel.


Background Information:

I just thought about how complicated our world is, how unyielding, unforgiving it can be. The world can be selfish. After grappling with this for time, the only conclusion I could come up with was that the world is how it will be. We can try to change it, we may even succeed, but the world will remain the world. unfair. cruel. happy. loving. selfish. We may make it better. Someone else makes it worse. I don't mean, "Don't try or give up." I mean stop worrying about if it is this or that or this again and just live the life we steward in this world as faithfully as we can...

...for the world is the world. Like it or not.

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