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Windows in heav'n

Windows in heav'n

I do wonder

about the windows in heav'n

What would loved ones see

if they looked out?

What would my best friend say

in his poetic way

about my work and play

and how I spend my days?

What would Grandpa shout

to watch me fall out

full of shame and doubt

craving for earth-clout?

What would my father's dearest pal mutter

in his heroic way without stutter

about zeal, joy-gracious, and immense laughter,

and sacrificial love for sons and daughters?

Oh how I wonder!

Oh how I weep.

Oh so I smile.

Then wait for that eternal clime

where there is no time

and wonder is fully refined,

redesigned, aligned, assigned, and alive.

Hope to glimpse

at the world, loving or perverse,

for miles and miles.

Then I won't have to wonder

about windows anymore


©2021 by Peniel.


Background Information: This song reminds me of all the people I've loved and lost. I imagine they pause from the daily task of heaven and the afterlife, sit down, and peer right at me through these grand windows. I hope they smile. Sometimes, they won't. I try. One day, it'll be me, looking from these very windows. Oh how I wonder what I'll see.

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