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Scorpions in the Sand.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Scorpions in the Sand.

Often, wondered I,

of the nature of secrets wild

The truth, if it be a shore,

is plenty-full of soft golden sand.

Hence, the secret shame

is a black inconspicuous scorpion

buried just as deep

as a foot length.

What discomfort it brings,

to imprint one's sole and soul

in a world of ease

only to discover shattered peace.

Time waits patiently at the market,

hustle, bustle, wrestle around her

She may never reveal

Her greatest tussle:

The black-hole in a galaxy of stars,

such an esoterica of deception

Truth so carefully guarded

Fire in an ocean

Ants in our tea

Darkness in light

Enemies amongst friends

All those secrets 'rightfully' kept

shall one day come alive

to some heinous degree

Time does not reveal a secret

A secret reveals itself to be so,

in all,

finally reveals a hidden clause

One may yet forever escape the poisonous painful sting

of the armed arachnid

It lies forever in wait,

as a chance to hurt

not one but many

Only those who know where it dwells

may steer those concerned

away from Scorpi's dwelling

Secrets do not stay stationary,

as they move slowly,

still they move

because they sting to live and live to sting

The only means of escape

may be a rubber sole about the soul

Cynicism to the sands of truth

Another option be to remove

the scorpion that terrorizes truth

Oblivious forever, the foot may be,

if one powerful enough

be it the systems of this world

or a parent

manages to divert one's attention

far far away from that side of the beach

far far away from the beach at all

So much effort,

perhaps evil,

at times good,

is required to tame secrets wild

At least this should be how one reasons

if they were to be

the secretkeeper

wading in the sand

concerned for nothing

but for Scorpi’s life.


©2020 by Ayo Okikiolu.



I wrote this during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. I thought about all the secrets people hide, how everything seems peaceful one moment and then a prick, a secret exposed, and then everyone suddenly feels pain.

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